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EMMF Music Performance Institute

July 19th - August 7th, 2022


Situated in the beautiful mountains of Northern Pennsylvania and Upstate New York, the Endless Mountain Music Festival Music Performance Institute (MPI) offers college-aged musicians insight into the music performance profession. Students will have the opportunity to perform and study with world-renowned musicians from The Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra, The Chamber Orchestra of Philadelphia, Lancaster Symphony Orchestra, and many more. Students will rehearse and perform in a professional environment as colleagues of their teachers.


The MPI program is designed to give students the chance to develop the skillset of rehearsing and performing music in a short amount of time, similar to that of professional orchestras. Most music schools have 6-10 rehearsals per concert cycle. Professional orchestras and nonprofit concert organizations operate on a tight budget and schedule, usually having two rehearsals prior to a concert. Getting experience with that kind of schedule in school is rare. With the competitive nature of the music industry, it is important for students to be prepared for this kind of rehearsal and performance environment; two rehearsals prior to a performance is a common industry standard.


Students will have the opportunity to perform seven unique and challenging orchestra concerts with professional musicians in the Festival Orchestra under the direction of Maestro Stephen Gunzenhauser. Students will also work with their teachers to program and perform in three Inspiration Concerts, which aim to bring classical music to school children and adults in the area. The challenge of playing 10 different programs in three weeks provides MPI students experience in:

  • Performing orchestral concerts with limited rehearsal time

  • Public speaking and audience engagement

  • Chamber music performance


In addition, students will take two private lessons each week with the principal player of their section. They will have coached chamber music rehearsals and participate in masterclasses. Selections performed by the Festival Orchestra and Chamber Ensembles will represent both standard and new innovative compositions.

Music Performance Institute Applications are now being accepted. 



MPI Details and Requirements: 

  • Tuition is $1500

  • Tuition includes an air-conditioned dorm room

  • Application deadline is April 15, 2022, with a YouTube video (as instructed below)

  • You must be 18 years or older to apply


Audition Video Requirements: 

  • One movement from a standard concerto

  • One technical etude

  • One lyrical etude

  • One standard orchestral excerpt

Audition Video Instructions: 

  • EMMF accepts private YouTube Video links as audition submissions

  • Upload a video of your performance of the audition requirements to your own YouTube account. High-quality audio is preferred. 

  • Use your full name and instrument, for example: (John Doe - Cello) as the title to your video

  • Under video settings, classify your video as "unlisted" 

  • Copy and paste the video URL into the appropriate area of the "Endless Mountain Music Festival Music Performance Institute Application" which can be found here

  • For further information, email Nicholas Bulgarino at

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